Posted by: empoweringspace | October 28, 2008

10 Things I learned while working with the enneagram

  1. My view is not the worlds’ view – the enneagram represents nine different ways the individual orients themselves in life – it represents nine different world views.
  2. It is a powerful tool for transformation- it gives me a visual map- it uncovers my habitual patterns
  3. It allows me to see my blind spots and my unconscious automatic commitments, my hidden intentions and motivations
  4. It opens me up to how and where I limit myself. It reveals what is beneath the waterline, what I have hidden from myself and others. It is the submerged part of the iceberg which is so much more than the tip that is shown.
  5. It shows me how I have designed my comfort zone to keep me safe and secure.
  6. It lets me see the box I have chosen, but more than that it shows me how I can stretch myself and step out of my box.
  7. It introduces me to my world view, my core beliefs, and what it feels and looks like on the inside of another individuals different world view. It has helped me to understand my family in a much more intimate way.
  8. It points me in a direction to step into my greatest potential, to open to the gifts of the entire enneagram.
  9. It helps me recognize my gifts and convert my challenges into gifts. It is a map that helps me find the treasure encoded in my personality.
  10. It teaches me compassion and understanding for myself and others.

By Lydia Mattison



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