Posted by: empoweringspace | October 28, 2008

Enneagram audio – Stepping out of the box

Power of the Enneagram – Stepping out of the box.

Have you ever been in a situation and asked yourself the following questions:

  • Why is this happening to me again?
  • Why does this pattern happen over and over?
  • Whose really running this show?
  • What are they thinking?
  • Have you found yourself believing “this is just how life is, there is nothing I can do about it.”

Well this is the show for you, come and discover a map to a better life.  A map that can enhance your work, love and life. Do you know that there are nine dramatically different ways of seeing, being and showing up in this world? No wonder we feel at times that we are speaking a different language and no one understands us. The Enneagram is a practical tool for self development, discovering your gifts and releasing your greatest potential. A guide for enhanced living and loving.

Listen here to Lydia Mattison host of an Empowering Space as she speaks with her guest Sterling Van de Moortel about the Power of the Enneagram


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