Posted by: empoweringspace | October 28, 2008

Enneagram Audio- Unveiling Self-Knowledge

Power of the Enneagram – Unveiling Self Knowledge

What is the Enneagram?

Definitely not another personality test that pigeonholes people.  It is a map of the inner worlds of nine distinct perspectives from which people act and respond to life.  It shows us our strengths, limitations, habits of attention and responses.  It helps you step out of the box which limits you – “your point of view.”

When some one does something we wouldn’t do, have you ever caught yourself saying or wondering “What in the world were they thinking?” Their actions surprise us, because their actions would not flow from our inner worlds and our viewpoint.

Dr. Roxanne Howe-Murphy’s work  inspires, deepens and animates that which is the best within us by focusing on healthy adult psychological and spiritual development. She is deeply committed to helping people wake-up to their true nature and heal, and uses the awakening and integrative body of wisdom called the Enneagram to support that process.

Listen to the audio Power of Unveiling self-knowledge- transfrormation through the enneagram with your host Lydia Mattison.



  1. hello lydia,

    the article is fine but i think it require more length and breadth. if you explain the things for a new person like me who do not know anything about this concept will help a lot. just a small suggestion.

    now i am going to listen to your power hour.

    sanjay sharma, india

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