Type Eight

Enneagram (female):Enneagram
Type Eight:- The Asserter, The Boss, The Leader

Quest: To be self-reliant

Theme: “It’s my way or the Highway. I am the rock”

Focus of Attention: Naturally goes to control- people, personal space, and one’s own vulnerability.

Fear: Being harmed or controlled by others

Core Belief: It is an unjust world. I need to protect myself

Mental Habit: Being intense

Miss the Mark: Make others the source of threat or control

Coping Strategy: Dominate and expand my control and energy, expansiveness

Inner Messages: It’s not okay to be vulnerable, ethical, or trust anyone
• I feel uneasy.
• Who is the responsible party?
• Why should I have to feel uncomfortable?
• This feels unfair
• I don’t have to put up with this if I don’t want to
• I’ll show them who is in charge
• What are you hiding from me?
• What are you thinking?
• Let’s test you out

Sense of Self: “I am a strong, assertive person

At their Best: assertive, empowering, decisive, protective, direct, courageous, straightforward, honest

At their Worst: controlling, rebellious, insensitive, domineering, aggressive, self-centered, skeptical,

Challenges: Overwhelming people with bluntness, Scaring people of when they did not intend to, beingrestless and impatient with other people’s incompetence, overextending themselves so they are blindsided by burnout

Paradigm: Those who exaggerate being strong and powerful are compensating for underlying belief that they are weak and vulnerable and the world is a hostile environment. An aggressive attitude can elicit aggressive behavior in others. The less strong frequently try to fight to defend and prove themselves. This helps confirm the belief that “The world is hostile and dangerous”

Gifts at the Highest Levels: Heroic, Magnanimous, compassionate

• Be powerful but gentler in your strength. Balance your strong presence with gentleness and compassion.
• Connect with others where they are not where you want them to be.
• See others as different with a different life process
• Check with people for your impact on them or if you are relating to them personally
• Find the right balance for you. Do not overdo – overwork, overplay, overextend yourself
• Be sensitive to others – Honesty needs to be tempered with sensitivity.
• Apologize. Statements poke fun and that high light weaknesses, hurt people.
• Open up to others, show your vulnerable side, the more you show your fear, worry, doubt and weakness the more others will trust you.
• You are a natural leader do not feel you have to take the lead all of the time.
• Live and let live, you let go easily. You express what you express and it is over, but if you have been betrayed do not seek revenge
• Temper your anger. Be in touch with the softer and more vulnerable side.


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