Type Seven


Type Seven – The Adventurer, The Epicure, The Generalist

Quest: To be happy, satisfied and avoid pain

Theme: “the world is full of opportunity and options. I look forward to the future.”

Focus of Attention: possibilities of life. Fixates on pleasant future plans and keeping options open.

Fear: Being deprived and trapped in pain

Core Belief: My fulfillment lies out there

Mental Habit: anticipating and planning

Miss the Mark:
Wanting more

Coping Strategy: Search for new activities and experiences

Inner Messages:
It’s not okay to be to depend on anyone

  • I will go- go- go as long as my body will take me
  • So many things to do such little time
  • Be brief, is this going to take long
  • I am feeling pushed into this decision
  • I may be losing a possibility of a life time
  • What will I have to sacrifice
  • No it’s not a problem, it’s a challenge
  • I love challenges
  • I have to keep my options open
  • I need to plan
  • I’ll be happy when…

At their Best: spontaneous, versatile, uninhibited, entertaining, fun-loving, productive, enthusiastic, quick, confident, charming, curious

At their Worst: narcissistic, impulsive, unfocused, undisciplined,possessive, manic, self-destructive, restless, rebellious

Challenges: Looking at life through rose coloured glasses does not replace experiencing the true joy and wonder of life.Jumping from project to project, one experience to another can cause disillusionment. avoiding the hard work required to actualize a dream.taking on to many projects and not allocating enough time

Paradigm: I over exaggerate trying to be happy and okay. I am overcompensating for my underlying belief that I am not okay, I have limits and I am afraid I will be overrun with depression. I am boring and about to become bored.

When I am compulsively cheerful and I elicit negative and depressing responses from others as they attempt to “shoot my optimism down.” “This confirms my fear “others will rain on my parade.”

Gifts: Joyful, playful productive


  • Cultivate healthy habits-take up an exercise program
  • Be grateful for what you have instead of focusing on what you want
  • Learn to accept all of your feelings both good and bad, and they too shall pass
  • Be open to hearing feedback about traits in yourself that could use some improving
  • Have fun but do not run from pain.
  • Self-reflect and allow in all experience as valuable. Find a way to make difficulty a learning experience
  • Be patient. Impulsiveness can get you in trouble
  • Focus – stick with the topic until it has run its natural course. Do not get distracted or go off on a tangent
  • Complete projects you start. Everything has highs and lows. Not everything can be new and exciting
  • Listen to difficulties and open your heart to others.

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