Type Three

Type Three – The Achiever, The Motivator

Quest:- To be admired

Theme:- ” I can be anything I want”

Desire:– To be accepted

Focus of Attention:- Setting goals, Achieving results, Accomplishments.  Attention moves to what will support an image of success, to gaining approval for accomplishments and image.

Fear:- Of being rejected, worthless

Core Belief:- Life is a contest I have to be the best.  My worth and value come from my achievements. I play to win

Mental Habit:- Believe I am my false masks

Miss the Mark:- Place hope in their own efforts rather than in work   aligned with universal principles

Coping Strategy:- Compete to be the best, reinvent myself

Inner Messages:- “I am good and okay once others think well of me and I am successful”

  • I know what I am doing
  • Fill me in along the way
  • We can deal with that later
  • Gotta get there first
  • Got to be the best
  • I’m on top of this
  • I certainly hope I made a good impression
  • why doesn’t everyone work as hard as I do
  • that guy did a good job but I can do better
  • I wish I had not taken on all those extra projects

Sense of Self:- “I am outstanding, admirable and desirable”

At their Best:- Self-assured, competent, enthusiastic, good communicators, ambitious, confident, industrious, efficient

At their Worst:deceptive, pretentious, vain, superficial, overly competitive

Challenge:- Seeing the goal as everything. To become personal as well as personable.
To become relational rather than using my relationships to further their goals.

Paradigm:- I over exaggerate, success and achievements. Over compensate, as I believe no one likes me for me.  Overly achieving, competitive and mechanical style turns people off.  Encourages them to  interact with the role or persona. This confirms my perspective “performance is more important than genuineness.

Gifts at the Highest Level:- Authentic, motivating, confident, inspiring


  • Schedule time everyday to rest.
  • Practise meditation and stress-reduction techniques
  • Celebrate your present level of success
  • Take a vacation and leave all your work behind
  • Listen without giving advise
  • Make a special effort to show appreciation and acknowledge others for their contributions
  • Think before you act – Even if you can do it do you really want it.
  • Follow what feels right, do not be afraid of failure.Let go of image – your image is not who you are but can prevent you from seeing who you are.
  • Let go of being a workaholic – what else is happening in your life.
  • Put time into your personal relationships.
  • Do not let the wining and avhieving drive take over your life
  • Think about ways you can cooperate, collaborate and still win.  Do you need to be the star?
  • Focus more on enjoying what you have rather than chasing symbolic value. Examine what you really want and make sure it is worth your effort.
  • Find your balance – look for creative ways to relieve stress
  • Listen to your heart and body.  Listen to what is happening on the inside.

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