My Intentions

My intention for Soul Perspectives:

Is to offer workshops that will appeal to all types.

Workshops that will be informative, fun, engaging, interactive, helpful, powerful, practical, profound, intuitive and beneficial.

I intend for you to:

SEE that your way is not the right way, the only way, because there are nine ways of Being.

KNOW: that there are nine points of view, different perspectives each with their unique habits, attention of focus, behaviours, values, challenges, and You are not Your thoughts.

HEAR:another’s perspective and know that you are okay!   What you feel you are missing is already present within you.

FEEL: reconnected to your essence, to feel joyful, liberated, refreshed and re- energized. We want you to feel enthusiastic, empowered and inspired to use the enneagram in your life as a transformational tool for profound change.

THINK: that this is the most beneficial, useful, helpful and empowering tool for self discovery that you have discovered, so far for self knowledge and transformation.

Questions to ask Yourself:

How can I learn more about this important wealth of knowledge?

What courses are available through Soul Perspectives?

How can I sign up in order to start living life more consciously.

Am I ready to spend some valuable time getting to know myself?

What action can I take today to transform my life?

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  1. Hi! Enjoyed your site- I added you to my blog roll as well.

    • Thank you so much Rena, feel free to add comments to any of the posts.

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