The Enneagram

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram has been described in various ways:

  • A theory of personality types, describing nine core types, each of which has a world view and filter or lens that deeply flavours that perspective over the others. It considers the lens through which your personality expresses itself.h the perspective of the true, spiritual self.
  • A psychology from sacred tradition that is based on nine personality types, which reveal the nine illusions of life through the perspective of the true, spiritual self. This illusion is our starting point for spiritual growth.
  • A mandala of the self, which can be used for our personal development
  • A master key to unlock the unguarded cell where we keep ourselves prisoners, restricted by freedom, chained by fear, and suffering.
  • A body of knowledge, stretching back to ancient times.  It seeks to understand the human psyche. What motivates us? What pushes our buttons?
  • A system that explains nine personality styles in the world. It seeks to understand why people do what they do and why people are the way they are.
  • A tool that can help you analyze personalities, situations, dilemas, concerns and conflicts
  • An important tool for improving relationships with family, friends and coworkers
  • A personality map for enhancing your work, love and life….everyday
  • A map of our internal terrain, of personality and human potential
  • A system that can greatly assist in spiritual growth
  • A guide to conscious participation in our personality’s expression instead of asking yourself “Why is this happening to me again”
  • A road map for personal growth, evolution, and Self-mastery
  • It is a mirror to the soul
  • A jump start no matter what spiritual path you follow
  • A complete yet detailed path for healing of the human soul
  • A map to a satisfying and fulfilling life.

No matter what the description a simple truth is that every single person on this planet is one of these types and yet we all contain each of the types within us.

Remember each of us can be telling the truth, yet each can have a different story to tell.

What’s your story?

How it works!



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