To type or not to type

QuickEnneacard Type Test

I have found this to be the most effective way of testing, so far.  There are no questions just 18 cards with some images and words.  When choosing go with your gut feeling.

Do not choose words that you are “growing toward“, or the type you “would like to be“, or words you think you “should” ‘choose. Choose words that have described you most of your life or how others have described you.

( A guideline is to consider how you were in your 20’s.  This is usually a time when the type is the strongest)

Do not eliminate an entire card because of one or two words that you do not like or may be perceived as negative.

Some people can accurately type themselves others need help.

Ask your close friends, romantic partners parents – “How am I different from others?

Filter out what you have been taught to be. Who are you – really?

Quick responses, humorous responses, empathetic responses are indications you are on the mark.

Explore – It has to feel right to be right.

Why do I need to know my Type?

Knowing your type helps you to recognize and understand the deeper truth of who you are.  It helps you recognize your world view,  your main perspective from which you think, see, and act. It reveals your habitual patterns, your triggers, your inner thoughts, your core beliefs, fears, your strengths and your gifts.

Revealing your type is like digging for treasure.  You know that gem, that diamond is there, but it is buried and there is a lot of dirt blocking your access to it. Do you dig a little, and then some more, knowing each time you are getting closer to revealing the brilliance of that diamond.

We all have the nine types within us. Your Type is your default strategy, your preset tendency, your basic nature.  It is not something you have to work at or change. Being your Type requires no effort. Changing aspects of your type requires great effort.  Even as we grow we will gravitate back to what is comfortable, familiar and natural. The insights revealed by your type’s strengths and limitations gives you the awareness to step out out of the box- your type- and inspires us to grow and change.

  • What are your deepest values?
  • What is the part of you that remains, no matter what you try to change?
  • What is the strongest lens through which you view life?

Why is it important to know my correct type?

Your type informs you what is true and there is no need to deny any part of ourselves that is truth.  If you are honest you will understand your defences and how you protect yourself.  You will have many more options available to you for growth and change and be open to the best of all types within yourself.  Otherwise? You could spend endless energy like a hamster on his wheel protecting yourself from the truth, running from aspects of yourself that feel negative, chasing the very  things that keep you overwhelmed and repeating the limiting patterns,  while you miss out on  the joy of life.


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